"My husband and I have been with Steve (our Lifestyle Financial Coach) and The Geyer Group for the past 12 months.  Within this time we have managed to pay off an extra $20,000 off our mortgage.  Steve has shown us how to manage our money properly and make our money work for us.  Just by implementing a simple budget where we could monitor our expenses, Steve has made us aware of where our money was going.

Steve has been very helpful and approachable throughout this time.  He has made helpful suggestions of where we can improve and has been very encouraging.  We highly recommend Steve and The Geyer Group if you are looking to sort out your finances and pay your mortgage off quicker.  We are very grateful to Steve for his help and guidance because before he came along we had only paid an extra $400 off our mortgage in 4 years.

My husband and I are now looking forward to owning our house sooner and are now confident that your finances are working for us and are now worry money free.  We thank you Steve for showing us a better way."

Ash and Beth (Vic)

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