"We have always prided ourselves on being great budgeters, but since meeting Sandra Smail from The Geyer Group, our budgeting has been fine tuned. With a little bit of time needed at the end of each week, we have managed to cut our home loan from 25 years down to 3 years.

The understanding of how home loans and credit cards work properly have helped us achieve something we didnt think possible.

Now we are at the stage of setting up an investment portfolio consisting of rental homes and shares to see us through an early retirement."

Steve and Stacey (Wauchope NSW)


Steve and Stacey two years later...

"We just wanted to let you know that we paid out the home loan. It only took 2 years, not the proposed 4 years as predicted.

Thank you very much for your help over the last 2 years. Im very glad I decided to talk to you about our mortgage ..... We thought we were very good at handling our finances but eh methods that you taught us were extremely helpful. It only took around 10 minutes a week to make such a big difference in our life. (Yay, we own our home.)

We also managed to purchase an investment house locally (thanks for setting up the loans) and it nearly pays for itself. We are on our way to wealth now quicker than expected.

I will keep recommending you and The Geyer Group.

Thank you

Steve and Stacey (Wauchope NSW)


"In two years Sandra has turned our finances around from a $56,000 mortgage to a very comfortable line of credit. The way our debt has changed into our favour instead of the banking system has been fantastic. We now have our first investment property and are ready to acquire our second. If you can stick to your budget and monitor your spending it is that simple. Our living standards have not changed and we still enjoy everything prior to Sandra showing us the right way to use our money."

David and Debbie (NSW)


"When Sandra and I met, she touched on financial subjects I avoided and left me to think about my spending etc. She really opened my eyes and made me think about the future. The program is great and it makes you look in the mirror at ongoing expenses on a daily basis. Are you happy with your life at present, or do you need a coach? I know I did.

How the hell do you achieve financial independence inside 10 years? The Geyer Group plan appeared like another pie in the sky .. NOT SO .. Were riding the wave to financial freedom! Thanks Sandra!"

Bernard & Leonie (NSW)


"Our cash-flow was always a major concern for us. Now we have no cash-flow problems. We have substantially reduced both our monthly loan repayments and our overall debt.

Thanks to The Geyer Group we have now purchased a second investment property and feel we are on the road to wealth creation at last."

Gordon and Beverlee (NSW)


"You have definitely made this year much more manageable for us financially.

We look forward to working with you again next year."

Gavin and Sam (VIC)


"Throughout my two year experience with the Geyer Group I can confidently say they kept all their promises and I give their mentoring credit for taking me from major credit card debt to buying my first property in only two years.

I also know I can trust them to source and set up the absolutely best mortgage and repayment plan around. How do I know that? Because they did it for a friend I referred and he was thrilled at the difference it made in the reduction of his mortgage in as little as twelve months."

Ursula (VIC)


"Although being on a modest income and having to cope with unforseen medical and employment problems over the past 18 months, we have successfully paid an extra $15,000 in addition to our regular payments on our mortgage which we would not have been disciplined or inspired to achieve without the advice and ongoing guidance of our Geyer Group Lifestyle Financial Coach.

Our finances do not cause us the guilt or stress of the past, as we know when to happily spend or when it is time to happily save."

John & Cathy (NSW)


"My husband and I have been with Steve (our Lifestyle Financial Coach) and The Geyer Group for the past 12 months. Within this time we have managed to pay off an extra $20,000 off our mortgage. Steve has shown us how to manage our money properly and make our money work for us. Just by implementing a simple budget where we could monitor our expenses, Steve has made us aware of where our money was going.

We highly recommend Steve and The Geyer Group if you are looking to sort out your finances and pay your mortgage off quicker. We are very grateful to Steve for his help and guidance because before he came along we had only paid an extra $400 off our mortgage in 4 years."

Ash and Beth (VIC)


"We have been with The Geyer Group for about four years and have found them to be very helpful and understanding.

The system and budget used has enabled us to cope with a number of unexpected expenses within the family, which under other circumstances we would not have been able to afford.

Recently, we have been able to start investing through The Geyer Group and look forward to expanding on these investments in the future. To anyone considering joining The Geyer Group, you will not regret it. As long as you stick to the budget, you have everything to gain."

David and Pauline, NSW



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