About The Geyer Group

Our integrity sets us apart
That’s why we offer a written 100% money-back guarantee

That written guarantee is your assurance of our integrity.  It means we’ll honour our promises.  In a world that’s too often defined by your bank balance, we strive to do what’s right, not necessarily what’s easiest.

Since the 1990s we’ve been a quiet achiever, helping thousands of Australians secure and pay off mortgages and create wealth

We’ve based our services on what clients want: 

Open and honest communication
Practical and cost effective strategies
A real understanding of bank fees and charges
Access to the best loan options
A proven financial tracking system
Independent and unbiased advice
Client-focused services
An Australian owned and operated company
A written 100% money-back guarantee

We have memberships to:

  • Australian Finance Group (AFG)
  • Mortgage Australia Group (MAG)
  • Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)

If you’re searching for a financial consultant with integrity as well as expertise, call The Geyer Group on 1300 88 28 48 or click here to write to us.


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